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Historical perspectives on how to address the addictions of those who become incarcerated now differ vastly from current approaches advocated by leaders in the field of addiction.  Modern research supports strongly the treatment of these individuals and initiation into a program that can continue not only while incarcerated, but after release.


Recovery Services of New Mexico is the first privately owned company in the US to provide opioid addiction methadone treatment to incarcerated individuals and proudly does so at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center.  We are honored to have this opportunity and are dedicated to assisting those in this circumstance, as it is an incredible opportunity to have a major impact on their life and likelihood of recovery from opioid addiction.


Inside jails that do not offer opioid addiction treatment, inmates are forced into withdrawal, which when compared to methadone treatment, is inhumane at best.  Furthermore, the physiologic addiction to opioids that these people experience largely fuels the drug trade, physical abuses, crime, and transmission of infectious diseases within the prison system.


Once opioid addicted inmates are released, the likelihood of return to drug use and criminal activity is very high.  The only proven modality for reducing this recidivism, as it relates to substance use, is Medication-Assisted Treatment – which is what we provide.


Simply put, treating opioid addicted inmates helps not only the individual to start on the road to recovery, but also the families of these individuals, our overburdened prison system, and society as a whole.


…..but don’t simply take our word for it, we invite you to read further about treatment for opioid addicted inmates.  Here are some great resources, take a look, we’re certain you too will support this much needed service:

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