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A patient in methadone treatment no longer needs to find a short-lived, expensive, and illegal fix for their addiction.  Instead, they can be provided methadone therapy under the care of our program and enjoy a more normal life while undergoing treatment for their addiction.


Methadone is a medication ordered by a Medical Doctor to help someone addicted to opioids.  There are several different types of opioids that people can become addicted to, but commonly these are heroin or prescription pain killers.


Once ingested, Methadone works by mimicking the drug, but causes the body to react differently.  Methadone ends the craving but does not create the high, and lasts for 24 hours.  This is why methadone is so effective for use in opioid addiction.


During intake into our program, a Medical Doctor assesses the patient and orders a starting dose of methadone.  The patient then returns to our treatment center and receives their dose, which is adjusted over time to meet the individual needs of the patient.  The goal is to eventually free the patient of the need for opioids.  So, gradually the amount of methadone given can be tapered until the patient no longer needs it.


Recovery Services of New Mexico has become the community leader in successful completion of methadone treatment for opioid addiction.  Treatment with our program involves not only methadone, but also mandatory counseling which has been proven to greatly improve the chances of recovery from opioid addiction.  For more information please see our Counseling and Therapy page.

Together we can defeat opioid addiction.  Let’s start today.
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