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In conjunction with medication, all of our patients participate in counseling.  After intake into our program and meeting with one of our Medical Doctors, our patients are paired with a counselor.  All of our counselors are licensed and specially trained in the treatment of substance use.


This counselor plays a very important role in the patient’s substance use treatment and is involved from start to finish.  The relationship between the counselor and the patient is of great significance, as they work to tailor the treatment program to the patient’s specific needs.  At Recovery Services of New Mexico we understand that all patients are different and will need individualized treatment in order to reach the common goal of freedom from opioid addiction.


Our counselors serve our patients well above and beyond substance use treatment alone – they work to treat the whole patient. Happily, they work to identify and manage the lifestyle choices, experiences, and issues underpinning their addiction. The opioid addicted person needs much more than medication alone to succeed, and our counselors enhance the necessary structure for this to occur.


Our clients work with their individual counselor to develop a plan that works best for them.  In addition, the counselor serves as a liaison to the patient’s Medical Doctor, and works with them to tailor the treatment program so that it is effective, safe, and personal.

Together we can defeat opioid addiction.  Let’s start today.
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