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Recovery Services of New Mexico Roswell helps patients overcome opioid use disorder, commonly opioid addiction, with a proven combination of medication and counseling. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with methadone, when combined with counseling and supportive recovery services, eliminates the physical symptoms of withdrawal so that patients are able to focus on overcoming the psychological aspects of addiction and reclaim their lives.

Methadone Treatment in Roswell & Southeastern New Mexico

For more than 50 years methadone has been tested and shown to provide withdrawal and craving management that allows individuals the opportunity to focus on all elements of long-term recovery. Outpatient MAT is useful in treating addictions to both prescription painkillers as well as illicit opioids such as heroin and fentanyl.

During the intake and admission process, patients will meet with a medical provider who will complete a full evaluation and history to establish a therapeutic dose of medication. A therapeutic dose will ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings without creating feelings of euphoria or “high” as illicit opioids do.

During the initial stabilization period, patients visit the clinic daily to receive the medication providing valuable structure early in recovery. Over time, as they comply with the treatment program, patients may earn take-home medication requiring less frequent visits to the clinic.

Recovery Services Belen is accredited by CARF, the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and licensed by the State of New Mexico.



1107 South Atkinson Ave
Roswell, NM  88203

Phone: 575-254-2804



Mon – Fri:  6:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sat - Sun: Closed


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  • Cigna HealthSpring 

  • Humana Commercial

  • Humana Medicare Advantage

  • United Healthcare Commercial (Optum)

  • United Healthcare Medicare Advantage

Substance Use Counseling for Opioid Addiction

Recovery Services of New Mexico Roswell understands that substance use counseling is a critical part of a comprehensive treatment plan. When patients struggle with the physical symptoms opioid addiction, it’s challenging to address the mental, emotional or spiritual aspects of the disease. Once the withdrawal symptoms have been alleviated it’s much easier to improve your overall health and learn to cope with difficulties in a positive and productive way.

In a group setting, patients are able to develop support networks with people who have shared similar experiences and struggles. This can make individuals feel less alone, and alleviate some of the shame and guilt that is felt when beginning a program of recovery.

Counselors also work collaboratively with their patients to monitor the effectiveness of the medication and address any concerns or issues. The counselor can be a patient’s advocate working as a team with medical providers to adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Methadone Treatment Services

Additional services available in our Roswell clinic include:

  • Medically-supervised treatment

  • Addiction education

  • Relapse prevention education

  • Case management

  • Referrals to community resources

  • Coordinated treatment during pregnancy

  • Discharge planning

  • Guest medication


At Recovery Services of New Mexico Roswell, we pride ourselves on providing a judgment-free place to receive life-saving addiction treatment. We recognize that success will be different for each patient, and work closely with them to set and achieve their personal recovery goals.

“I took a huge step to get help and this has been the best thing I could have done for myself. I’ve been clean for about 6 years now… this program changed by life. Thank you so much.” – Roswell Patient

Choose Life. Choose Sobriety. Choose Recovery.

Recovery Services of New Mexico Roswell can support you when you are ready for a change. Help is available in a safe, respectful environment. Please send us an email or call 575-254-2804 to set up an appointment.

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