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Holistic Therapies that Help During Treatment

Holistic Therapies that Help During Treatment

Enrolling in substance use disorder treatment is a lifesaving decision that someone who struggles with addiction makes, and the journey towards long-lasting recovery is worth every hurdle and challenge. Some patients undergoing medication-assisted treatment using evidence-based, FDA-approved medicines feel compelled to take on other natural or holistic therapies to help their bodies heal. While naturopathy is never recommended to be the sole method of treating a condition like opioid use disorder, patients who use alternative methods to supplement their road to recovery find it to be incredibly beneficial.


The practice of acupuncture, a traditional and ancient form of eastern medicine, is prevalent among people in addiction treatment, particularly those with opioid use disorder. People visit acupuncturists for other conditions such as chronic pain, stress, and nerve damage, among many more. Studies have been conducted to test the usefulness of this treatment when applied alongside MAT to determine how much it can improve a patient’s success in achieving long-lasting recovery. The data is promising and reassuring for those who engage in the technique. However, patients must be aware that it’s most beneficial to use acupuncture as a supplemental healing method rather than their sole therapy for opioid use disorder.

Yoga and Meditation

Patients in substance use counseling are encouraged to practice mindfulness daily to help with the mental and emotional aspects of addiction recovery. A great way to get in touch with the inner self is the ancient eastern practice of yoga and meditation. Yoga stretches use physical postures to help guide the connection between the body and mind, which is vital to healing and can also improve sleep, reduce stress levels, raise self-awareness, and invigorate physical strength.

Massage Therapy

Substance use disorder treatment, while lifesaving, can also be exhausting. It requires patients who fight their body’s urges for substance use while in therapy while addressing often tricky mental and emotional barriers. Frequent massages have been reportedly helpful for patients who are frequently triggered by stress and anxiety and are also an excellent method of self-care, another crucial aspect of healing. Massages not only feel good, but they can also help improve circulation and relaxation in the body for those who carry a lot of tension and stress in their muscles and certain areas of the body.

Holistic therapies for patients in substance use disorder treatment are attractive to patients because they offer a spiritual and natural way to improve their body’s healing. While these methods don’t have medicinal benefits like the medicines used in MAT, they can still provide much comfort and relaxation for the body as it changes treatment.

Recovery Services of New Mexico for Opioid Addiction

For effective evidence-based treatment of opioid use disorder, contact any of our locations within Albuquerque and Roswell County to speak with a staff member. Those who feel they may be dependent on opioid substances, whether prescription or illicit, are urged to seek the help they need from our experienced and compassionate staff and knowledgeable medical providers.

Recovery is possible with the help of the right team and the best tools and treatments available.


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