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Finding a Methadone Clinic for You

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

If you’ve made the choice to take a step towards treating your opioid use disorder, methadone is an excellent option with a long track record of success as one of the most used medicines in MAT or medication-assisted treatment. Your first step will be to find a methadone clinic that will work with your treatment strategy since methadone can only be prescribed and dispensed at a certified Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) facility.

Since you will be visiting the clinic daily, be sure to look up all of the locations that are available to you. Your best choice will be one that is easily accessible by public transportation if you are unable to drive yourself or do not have another mode of transportation. Look for a program that is convenient and offers the full range of services you need to rebuild your life in recovery. You should also contact your insurance provider or Medicaid administrator to see which clinics are covered by your plan. Once you have identified clinics that may work for you, call or visit the facility to inquire or receive a tour.

When speaking with a representative or seeking out information online about the clinic, be sure to focus on the most critical information:

  • How often you will visit the clinic?

  • Are their hours of operation workable in your schedule?

  • When are the busiest times of the day?

  • How long is the average appointment?

  • What other services are provided?

  • What form of methadone will be given? Pill, film, liquid?

  • What if you are unable to come in on time or miss a day?

If you’re not able to find a clinic through your insurance that works for you, you can still inquire about sliding fee scale options or grant programs at a clinic you think may be a good fit. Many clinics offer assistance for low-income patients or people in need.

While methadone is a life-saving medication that has been helping people with opioid use disorder for decades, it’s important that the clinic you choose also offers other programs that can help you stick to your treatment plan and grow in your recovery. Substance use counseling, group support, mental health referrals and management of your treatment plan are all helpful extras to ensure you feel motivated and continue to stay on track.

In many cases, your full cooperation and compliance will be required for you to stay in any methadone program, so choose a clinic that is easy for you to access and has daily hours that will fit into your schedule. Now that you’ve made the important decision to get the help you need, take the next step in choosing a clinic that will allow you to achieve your goals for recovery.

For more information about our clinics or to begin treatment, contact us today.


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